Usage tips

No special steps are required in order to enjoy Alstroemerias for as long as possible. Trim the stems diagonally, used a clean vase and clean water: that will guarantee a good lifespan. Do be careful to buy sufficiently ripe products: the buds must be somewhat coloured.
Shipping and storing in water is preferable to dry storage. The flower does not open quickly. The optimum storage and shipping temperature is 2 ºC.
The vase life can be extended by adding cut flower food. This will ensure that even the smallest buds will flower. Remove exhausted flowers and top the vase water up regularly with a solution of cut flower food. Do not allow any foliage to hang in the water – this will prevent rapid contamination of the water.
The flower is sensitive to ethylene, so avoid contact with ripening fruit. Alstroemerias also release ethylene gas themselves. If a cold store with Alstroemerias is not properly ventilated, the ethylene concentration in the cold store can get too high. This will cause the flowers to ‘shrink’.