Our flowers are sold at 3 auctions every day, namely:
– Flora Holland ( Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk
– Rhein-Maas auction ( Herongen Germany

If you have any questions about our range, please address them to Niels Tesselaar or Thijs van der Hurk. You can also talk to Niels or Thijs if you would like to obtain your flowers in a different way from buying on the clock.
We create bespoke solutions for different customers every day. We are also open to forward sales.

Niels Tesselaar
Niels Tesselaar

Trade fairs and shows

We attend various trade fairs and shows every year where you can meet us.
These include:
– Flora Holland Trade Fair at the start of November in Aalsmeer
– Keukenhof Alstroemeria Parade at the end of April in Lisse

Niels Tesselaar
Mobile: 00 31 6 53665074

Thijs van der Hurk
Mobile: 00 31 6 45116712