Sustainable cultivation for the environment and people

The demand for environmentally friendly flowers has risen by leaps and bounds in recent years. And at H.M. Tesselaar we think that it’s rightly so. That is why we work on sustainability on two fronts: first in the cultivation process and also in our personnel policy. For us, these are self-evident spearheads. We are therefore proud that we may carry the following certificates and quality marks:

  • MPS-Quality
  • MPS-Socially Qualified
  • Accredited training company
  • On the way to PlanetProof

Our location in Kenya has been awarded the KFC quality label, for our good relations with people and the environment.

Accredited training company

As an accredited training company, we also like to train young people in our beautiful field of expertise. MBO and HBO trainees in the green sector or with a laboratory training are therefore very welcome for an introductory interview. The same applies to students from abroad with a comparable level of education.

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